Timeline for Murder




Week of June 4:                   

Chris brings a broken meter to Nikki and the flirting commences.

Monday, June 11:                

Video of pregnancy announcement

Thursday, June 14:             

Bella sings the Daddy Song.

Chris enters Nikki’s contact info on his phone.

Friday, June 15:                   

Chris tells Nikki he is married but is going to separate.

Sunday, June 17:                 

Shanann posts a loving message to Chris on Facebook, thanking him for everything he does for the family.

Week of June 18:                 

Chris and Nikki plan to meet up when he returns from San Diego.

Tuesday, June 19:               

First ultrasound of Niko. Chris is so disinterested and doesn’t squeeze back when Shanann holds his hand. Shanann cancels the gender reveal party.

June 22-26:                          

Chris and Shanann go to San Diego.

Wednesday, June 27:         

Shanann and girls are off to North Carolina for 5 weeks.

Around June 30:                 

Chris and Nikki meet at park in Thornton.

Wednesday, July 4:             

Chris wakes up in Nikki’s bed when he sees he’s got 10 missed calls from an angry Shanann. Feeling guilty, Chris leaves Nikki’s and goes home. Nikki goes to a baseball game, then goes to Chris’s house for lunch.

Thursday, July 7:                

First phone call logged between Chris and Nikki.

Tuesday, July 10:                

Shanann suspects something is off with Chris.

Saturday, July 14:               

Nikki and Chris’s date to car museum.

Around week of July 16:                                 

Nutgate. Shanann tells Chris regarding his parents: “Do not talk to them. Do not call them. Do not do anything.”

Wednesday, July 18:           

Nikki sends Chris the semi-nude photo that was in the media.

Saturday, July 28:               

Nikki and Chris spend the night camping at Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Monday, July 30:                

Chris gives Nikki a “love letter” before he leaves for North Carolina.

Tuesday, July 31:                 

Chris flies to North Carolina.  

Saturday, August 4:            

Shanann sends Chris a long text about protecting the girls from Chris’s evil mother and states his mother tried to kill their daughter. During that exchange, Chris asks if his parents can see the kids and Shanann says, no.

Nikki spends two hours searching the internet for wedding gowns.

Sunday, August 5:               

Shanann texts Chris: “I don’t know how you fell out of love with me in 5.5 weeks, or if this has been going on for a long time, but you don’t plan another baby if you’re not in love. Kids don’t deserve a broken family … You show up and I have to practically ask for a kiss in the airport.”

Tuesday, August 7:              

Shanann texts friends about Chris’s odd behavior. In a text with a friend, Shanann writes: “Chris told me last night he’s scared to death about this third baby and he’s happy with just Bella and Celeste and doesn’t want another baby.”

Thursday August 9:            

Shanann’s business trip to Arizona. On the way there, she tells a friend that she and Chris had the best talk yet.

Shanann gave Chris the following handwritten note:

“My Dearest Chris,

 I don’t know where to begin… I am so lost for words. I can’t even explain how hard this pain is. The last 5 weeks have been the hardest. I missed everything about you. I missed your morning breath, your touch, your lips/kisses. I missed holding you! I missed smelling you in the sheets. I missed talking to you in person. I missed watching you laugh and play with the kids. That, I love so much about you. I missed seeing you naked and on top of me, making love to me. OMG, I missed having you around when I felt alone and upset. I just flat out missed the hell out of you. We haven’t been away from each other that long since 2012.

 I really don’t know how we ‘fell out of compatibility,’ or if that is someone else’s words. The only thing that changed this was everything going down with your family. I can’t change what happened, but I can try to work things out with you with them. But there has to be mutual respect for everyone. I definitely deserve an apology because of Celeste. I can suck up her going against everything I said to our kids. But our daughter’s life…”

Saturday, August 11:           

Chris hires a babysitter with the story that he’s going to a Rockie’s game.

Chris and Nikki go to dinner and Chris uses his own credit card for the first time and knows Shanann is going to see this.

Sunday, August 12:             

9:13 pm:  Shanann shares with one of her friends what she’s going to say to Chris Monday evening to try to get him to open up.

“Can you please tell me something because just like you, I’m in my head? I try to fix things and make them better and this is making me crazy. I know you need time. I want to give you what you’re asking for and respect your space, I need some time. This place that I’m in, in my head, is not a good place. It is not health for me or Niko. I need you to help me help you. I need you to give just a little bit of what I did or didn’t do, so I’m not going crazy in my head to figure it out. I know I can’t fix this by myself, that we are going to have to work together.”

Monday, August 13:            

1:48 am:  Shanann returns home.

2:30 am:  Shanann and Chris are intimate. He thinks it’s some sort of a test.

~5:00 am:  Chris kills Shanann.

5:27 am:  Chris loads up the truck.

~6:15 am:  Arrives at site. 

1:40 pm:  Nickole Atkinson reports Shanann missing.

Tuesday, August 14:            

Last conversation with Nikki.

Chris makes that disastrous appearance on TV.

Wednesday, August 15:      

Chris’s dad, Ronnie, comes to town.

In the evening, while Chris fails the lie detector test, police find out about Nikki.

11:30 pm:  Chris is arrested on suspicion of three first-degree murder charges and tampering with a deceased human body and termination of pregnancy.

Thursday, August 16:          

The bodies of Shanann, Bella, and CeCe are found.

Sunday, August 19:             

The day of the canceled gender-reveal party for Niko.

Tuesday, August 21:            

Chris is arraigned.

Tuesday, November 6:       

Chris pleads guilty to all nine counts.

Thursday, November 15:    

Kessinger interview with The Denver Post.

Monday, November 19:      

Chris is sentenced to three consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.






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