Potential Motive for Murders – 2



Tammy:  I think you said earlier that you were so angry at Shanann or whatever that anyone in your path of destruction was going to get it, basically. Why were you so angry at Shanann?

Chris:  I don’t know if it was just because of separating me and my family, pretty much. Because, I mean, it happened at the wedding, that’s the reason they didn’t come to the wedding. I mean, I blew up at my family to a point where I said some horrible things to them back in 2012. I pretty much told my family that I don’t need them anymore. I cussed my mom out. I did all this kind of stuff. I never thought, I don’t know if it was just like Shanann coached me on to do it or if it was just like rage I had never seen before. And then, I don’t know if it was just everything that happened in July with, they can’t see my kids. I’m not sure if they’re ever going to get to see them again. I don’t know if that had something to do with it, that something inside me just triggered it and just like all that pent up from the wedding and everything just like, just like a long fuse that finally just had come to its end.

Grahm:  What happened in 2012?

Chris:  My mom and Shanann, from when I proposed to her – it was at the beach and from then on… she always went up to Shanann and was like, “I didn’t need a ring like that when I was your age. I didn’t need all these fancy things when I was your age,” and it just kind of kept boiling over and boiling over. They never agreed on anything. We didn’t really need their help to do anything, we were just like, we’ll just pay for it ourselves and all that kind of stuff. It was just back and forth. I think maybe my mom just thought she was good enough. She always thought she was hiding something from me.

Grahm:  She always thought Shanann was hiding something? Like what?

Chris:  Stuff from her past or like, you know.

Grahm:  Oh, I see.

Dave:  So, there was conflict at a barbecue when all the families got together? Maybe a barbecue Shanann put together for everybody to meet each other? The two families, do you recall that? Like when you first starting dating.

Chris:  I remember we did have something like that, but I didn’t remember any kind of arguments. When I proposed to her, Shanann had her family come down to the beach too, they stayed at a separate house. But as far as like a barbecue or anything, I don’t remember one that was like that. I remember the time when I asked Frank if it was okay if I asked Shanann to marry her. I remember that little get together.

Grahm:  So then, what was the blowup at the wedding about?

Chris:  It was just my mom and pretty much my sister, they didn’t like her. They just thought, you know, that Shanann had taken me away from them out to Colorado. Because we were in Colorado and we flew back to get married. Because we went to Colorado for Thanksgiving to visit some friends and we decided to move out there, like a couple of months later. So, that was like April. I moved out there April 2012 and we got married in November 2012 in North Carolina. So, they always thought I was just taken, that she took me away out there.

Tammy:  Is there something with invitations or something? Your sister was supposed to send invitations?

Chris:  Now, you’re bringing some memories back. There was something to do with that and then my sister wanted her kids as the ring bearer and something else. The ring bearer and the flower girl. And then Shanann, she told her no – or wait – either Shanann told her no or Jamie backed out because of something else and then it just all blew up.

Grahm:  And was that pretty close to the wedding?

Chris:  Yes. Within a couple of weeks.

Tammy:  Did they go to the wedding, your family?

Chris:  My grandma did.

Tammy:  But your parents and your sister did not go.

Grahm:  Ronnie wasn’t there either?

Chris:  No. Nobody was there. My grandma was there and then the dance when the groom dances with his mom, I danced with Mark’s mom and my grandmother.

Grahm:  It’s sad, isn’t it? It all comes from a place of love, them loving you and not wanting you to get stolen.

Chris:  It was a great day, I mean, everybody was really happy. It always rang in the back of my head, they were never there and every time they look at pictures, it’s like, “Oh where’s? They’re not there.” I never knew if they were actually going to come anyways, but as far as like, sometimes they’ll be just like, “All right, we’re just going to go just to be there.” You never knew if that was the case.

Grahm:  When Tammy was asking why were you so mad at Shanann, was part of it just this whole family strife?

Chris:  That’s the only thing I can think of right now because, I mean, there’s no other reason, really to be mad at her. We took care of each other our whole, that whole four years, it was just like a good relationship. I mean, it’s just like, if I never met Nikki, would I ever had thought our relationship was bad? Probably not. That’s one thing I always thought about, like even Nikki asked me, she said, “I don’t want you to leave your wife just because of me.” I’m just like, “Like what do you mean?” She said, “If you hadn’t met me, would you have known?” I’m like, “No.” I never thought I would have strayed away from her at all. I’ve never followed, I’ve never tried to follow anybody, you know?

Tammy:  Was Shanann checking your phone?

Chris:  She always had my phone.

Tammy:  She was always checking your phone?

Chris:  Yeah.

Tammy: So, how did you get past that?

Chris:  I used my work phone.

Tammy:  To text? Didn’t you have some secret apps?

Chris:  That was on my personal phone.

Tammy:  Were you using anything else to have contact with her?

Chris:  No, I’d just text her with my work phone. When Shanann and the kids went to North Carolina, I’d just use my personal phone and she just told me to put pictures in an app and I just found that calculator and I just put, you know, just searched on the app store, like “hidden pictures” and the calculator app was the first one that popped up.

Tammy:  Like in your iCloud or your whatever isn’t linked together so she would know if you’re getting apps, you know, downloading apps and stuff like that.

Chris:  They used to be a long time ago but when we got different phones or when our phone contact list would be synched up from the cloud, she had tons and tons and tons of phone contacts, I just couldn’t have all that, but it’s still kind of linked up at one point. But as far as like she asking to get my own iCloud account, just to kind of free that up a little bit.