Murdering CeCe – 2


Chris:  In the backseat.

Grahm:  Was she just right next to Bella?

Chris:  Mm-hmm.

Grahm:  Once again, was it a hand over her face?

Chris:  It was a blanket over and my hand.

Grahm:  So, that just stopped her from breathing type thing? Okay. Did she struggle at all?

Chris:  I don’t think so, but might have, I was blocking her face and my hand was right here.

Tammy:  You hand here and one hand over her mouth.

Grahm:  And were you just pushing her against the back of the seat type thing? Okay. What was Bella doing?

Chris:  She was sitting there next to her. She didn’t know what was going on.

Grahm:  Could she see you? Okay. And then, did that take a minute or two?

Chris:  I didn’t have no like concept of time at this point.

Grahm:  Tell me about what you were thinking.

Chris:  I wasn’t. If I was thinking, this wouldn’t have happened. Or any partial hint of what I feel for those girls and what I feel for my wife, none of this would have happened; I wasn’t thinking.

Grahm:  So, she’s in the backseat.

Chris:  Mm-hmm.

Grahm:  And then once she’s gone, then is it Bella next, or did you pull CeCe out?

Chris:  I pulled CeCe out.

Grahm:  Okay, so once CeCe’s gone, Bella’s still there in the car alive and then you pulled CeCe out? What’d you do with her?

Chris:Put her in the oil tank.

Grahm:  So, she went into the tank and Bella was still in the back of the truck alive? Okay. With regard to that tank, did you bring up CeCe, put her down, open the hatch?

Chris:  I brought her up, opened the hatch.

Grahm:  And then put her in? Okay. When we talked the very first time we met and we were talking about this, it was a matter of just lowering her down. Okay. And so, she went in feet first? Okay. Was she able to fit pretty well, was it snug?

Chris:  I don’t think so.

Grahm:  Did you have to move her around a little bit and get her in there?

Chris:  I think so. I didn’t have to like hit her, you know, or anything like that.

Grahm:  It’s not like you stomped her in.

Chris:  No.

Grahm:  And then closed the hatch?

Chris:  Yes.