Murdering Bella – 2

Daily Mail UK

Grahm:  And then went down to Bella. Tell me what happened there.

Chris:  She said, “What happened to CeCe?” First she asked, “Is the same thing going to happen to me as Cece?”

Grahm:  Did she ask you that? Okay. So, Bella’s pretty smart. How did she sound when she asked you that, Chris?

Chris:  She had that, just that soft voice she always had.

Grahm:  And what exactly did she say?

Chris:  She said, “Is the same thing going to happen to me as CeCe?” and then I said – I don’t even remember what I said. [I do not believe him here, because he almost laughs here] I don’t know if I just said, “Yes,” like a horrible person or if I just put that blanket over her too and didn’t say anything.

Grahm:  Same blanket, same way?

Chris:  Mm-hmm. She said, “No, daddy.” And that’s the last thing she said.

Grahm:  Did she say, “No, daddy,” like, please, no daddy, type thing? Is she saying, don’t do it?

Chris:  She said, “No, daddy.”

Grahm: Same way, hand over mouth or hand over blanket which is over mouth? Okay. Did that take a couple of minutes?

Chris:  It felt like it.

Grahm:  And then what?

Chris:  I just noticed she had a couple of spots like over her eye or something and I picked her up and the same thing.

Grahm:  We talked a little bit earlier today about it. You don’t remember why a different tank? Okay. And there was no reason?

Chris:  I mean, they’re both the same tanks, I mean, there’s just like, I don’t know why I did two different tanks.

Grahm:  I never got up there. Does one catwalk lead to both?

Chris:  Oil can go in either tank.

Grahm:  But if you go up one set of ladders does that eventually get to both?

Chris:  Yes, there’s just one catwalk.

Grahm:  Now, Bella was a little bit bigger. Was she harder to get in?

Chris:  It felt like it a little bit.

Grahm:  And so, was it a matter of just kind of maneuvering her? All right. So then, they’re both in there. Is there any reason to think they were alive?

Chris:  No.