Metallica Song “Battery” – 2


Grahm:  There was a lot to do about coming home and listening to that Metallica song. Had you heard about that?

Chris:  I’ve heard of a Metallica song, somebody sent me lyrics to “Battery.”

Grahm:  Do you remember doing that?

Chris:  That was Nikki Kessinger, she liked the song, or she just wanted to know what it meant.

Grahm:  That’s why you looked it up?

Chris:  Mm-hmm. I didn’t have the CD with me. I just kind of looked up the words.

Grahm:  And was that on the way home?

Chris:  Mm-mm.

Grahm:  Oh, that was just a different time?

Chris:  That was a different time.

Grahm:  Okay.

Chris:  That’s just coincidence because it says battery. It’s more about like a family coinciding as a battery, not like hitting somebody.

Tammy:  Why did Nikki want to know what it meant?

Chris:  I don’t know, it was kind of strange. I mean, she’s very into different types of music I never really thought I’d ever listen to. And like, she got me into a few things there as far as music-wise, but like “Battery” was a song that she asked me because I knew Metallica pretty well. She just wanted to know, “Hey, what’s these lyrics mean?” I just looked it up just to look at all the words together and just put it in my head again and that was it. They just made something out of nothing. That’s what was strange – I got those lyrics in a letter.

Grahm:  So now, does that make sense?

Chris:  Yeah. Somebody sent me the lyrics to it. That guy from California?

Tammy:  The kid? The senior?

Chris:  Yeah.