Leaving the House and Driving to the Site – 2

Grahm/Dave:  She didn’t want to see her or ask to see her or anything? So, that initial time, did she see you put Shanann in the truck? So, she was kind of following you? Okay. So, she followed you and you put Shanann in the truck. And then what?

Chris:  CeCe wasn’t up yet, or I didn’t think she was. I think she was just in her room; she was getting ready to get out of her bed and then they were just walking around the house. I put my lunchbox and stuff in the truck and then grabbed the kids and put them in the bench seat in the back.

Grahm/Dave:  So, Shanann, is she kind of on the floor in the back? And they’re just on the bench? Okay. Both alive at that point? Okay. Is there any reason you would feel uncomfortable to tell me that they were not alive at that point?

Chris:  They were. Wasn’t there a video or anything?

Grahm/Dave:  It’s hard to see. And I believe you, I’m trying to make sure that I’m giving you all the opportunities to be comfortable enough to tell me exactly.

Chris:  They were alive. Because I mean, I hear that every day when Bella was talking to me at the site.

Grahm/Dave: Oh, really? What do you mean?

Chris:  When she said, “Daddy, no.” When we were driving to the site, she said, “Daddy, it smells.”

Grahm/Dave:  So, that goes back to maybe Shanann evacuating herself?

Chris:  I don’t know if it was that. You know, that smell like a skunk maybe sometimes? I got some kind of smell that way, but I don’t know what that was from?

Grahm/Dave:  Was that maybe outside the truck or is that in?

Chris:  I don’t know.

Grahm/Dave:  What did you guys talk about on the way out?

Chris:  They were pretty quiet, just laid next to each other. Maybe Bella in her lap and CeCe in her lap, just back and forth.

Grahm/Dave:  Just trading off like little ones do.

Chris:  Mm-hmm.

Grahm/Dave:  Were they awake?

Chris:  I think one would kind of fall asleep, the other one, CeCe would, and they would kind of trade off back and forth.

Grahm/Dave:  Were they talking to you?

Chris:  Just about, you know, just saying, “Daddy, it smells.” It was early in the morning, they shouldn’t have been up that early.

Tammy:  You didn’t have to wake CeCe up?

Chris:  There was noise from kind of getting Shanann down the stairs.

Tammy:  Did she kind of fall down the stairs?

Chris:  No, it was more like trying to get her down, like from the steps, maybe her foot hit the next step kind of thing. They’re light sleepers.