Financial Stresses – 2

 Fox 19


Tammy:  What about your financial stresses?

Chris:  Bankruptcy was something I never thought was going to happen. That was back in 2015, 2016 – somewhere around there. I never thought that was going to happen. A lot of it was for the wedding, because we just put it all on credit cards. And then the doctor bills from endoscopies and just like the girls seemed like they were sick every month, it seemed like, with some type of ear infection, which we figured out, we just put the tubes in there and stuff. There were different operations here. A couple of overnight stays in the hospital for breathing and stuff like that. It all mounted up. I never thought it was that far gone.

Dave:  Was any of that from Shanann’s neck surgery? Or were those bills pretty well paid up?

Chris:  Well, I think the bankruptcy never touched the medical part of it. There’s medical bankruptcy and then there’s like regular bankruptcy. I don’t think bankruptcy ever touches student loans or medical stuff. They’re pretty specific with that. But I think it just took away a lot of furniture that we had bought and then a couple of other things out of the house. We had to make the house payment by phone every month and that was the bankruptcy’s deal, like every time and I didn’t know how long it was going to take. Once you’re in bankruptcy, pretty much you never get out of it.

Tammy:  Were you guys behind on your mortgage even when I talked to you?

Chris:  December 2017 and then January, February, March 2018 – that’s when we took the 401(k) out and the loan out to pay for that.

Grahm:  How is it that you were spending so much money?

Chris:  You know, kids and just other bills that we had. I knew the car was getting paid for my [inaudible 01:28:26]. I never really asked. I didn’t even have access to the bank account in my phone. I never really asked to see what it looked like, like how far, I just know she’d call me and tell me, “Hey can you pay the mortgage today?” I’m like, “Yeah, cool.” From my little four-wheeler incident where I sold it without actually paying it off yet and she thought like, “No, you’re never touching the account ever.” So, I’m like, “Okay, that’s cool with me.” I never saw the account or what was in there. When I worked at [inaudible 01:28:59] Ford, I got my check and I just brought it to her.

Dave:  There was a hair care company, I think it’s called [Monat]. Does that ring a bell? You know anything about that? It could be hair dye, I don’t know. You know she did like an auto order through that company and had stuff delivered for her hair? Any kind of hair product or hair care dye?

Chris:  I mean, she had like little – I remember there was something like a little gift pack she had delivered like once every month or once every two months. It had like a different array of different products in it.

Dave:  You don’t remember where it’s from?

Chris:  No. She had like Monet?

Dave:  M-O-N-A-T.

Chris:  Mm-mm. Doesn’t ring a bell.

Dave:  There was an order that was made like for $251, that’s why I asked if it was an auto-order type thing.

Chris:  I know that Nickole Atkinson, she’s into all that stuff maybe. Maybe Shanann got her something or maybe it was something she recommended.

Dave:  How about the HOA thing? What happened there?

Chris:  She was mailing it out to the wrong address. They had changed the address and she mailed out to the wrong address for a year and we got a letter in the mail we’re getting sued over it, [inaudible 01:30:29] for a year. So, we had to pay double for either a whole year over a couple of months.

Dave:  What happened to all the money that she sent to the wrong address?

Chris:  I don’t know. They said they wouldn’t credit it or anything. I’m not even sure what the address was. She said it was just something that she didn’t see. I wasn’t harp her about it because she did so much, I was like, I’m not going to like say, “What the heck were you doing?” I know she felt bad enough.