Burying Shanann – 2

The Mirror

Chris:  I go over to Shanann and I clear away some weeds and I dig a hole.

Grahm:  Did you have a shovel?

Chris:  Yeah, we have a shovel, a rake, and a weed whacker as part of our tools.

Grahm:  With that rake, if I remember right –

Chris:  There was part of it just sitting there because it was broken.

Grahm:  Did it break as you were digging or something?

Chris:  No, when I was smoothing the ground over.

Grahm:  On this day? It broke when you were doing that? Okay. Was that after you were all done? And it’s seems as though maybe the first people that got there saw – was it stuck in the ground?

Chris:  Not like standing up, but it was like laying down.

Grahm:  Were you planning on coming back?

Chris:  I mean, I don’t know, I don’t think so.

Grahm:  At this point then, this is just before, in a couple of hours you would make it back home to see Officer Coonrod. Okay. Once, she’s buried, then what?

Chris:  That’s when people start showing up.

Grahm:  Did you notice, was she cut or broken or bleeding in any way?

Chris:  No. I mean, I know like the bloodshot eyes you were talking about, I noticed that at that point. Other than that, no.

Grahm:  Had she partially given birth? Do you remember?

Chris:  No, she had a shirt and I think blue underwear on.

Grahm:  Okay, so at that point, she was… okay.