Bella Walks in the Room – 2

Daily Mail UK

Grahm:  As hard as that was, we need to talk about the girls too, okay? All right. Thank you. So, with the girls, we talked about how they got into the truck with you and were alive. Are you 100% sure that’s true? Okay.

Tammy:  Can we go back just a second? You talked about before that Bella walked in though, to the bedroom. Can you tell us about that before you left?

Chris:  I was just there like getting the sheet off the bed and she walked in. And she had her little pink blanket with her. She was like, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong with mommy?”

Tammy:  And where was Shanann at that point?

Chris:  Just pretty much on the bed, but she was face-down.

Tammy:  Wrapped in the sheet? What did you say?

Chris:  I just said, “She doesn’t feel good.” That’s when I tried to carry her downstairs.

Grahm:  Shanann?

Tammy:  Did you carry her like this? Did you drag her? How did you do it?

Chris:  I attempted to pick her up and take her down, but I lost grip after a little while and just had to pull.

Tammy:  Did Bella see you do that? What was Bella saying?

Chris:  She started crying a little bit. She’s like, “What’s going on with mommy?”

Tammy:  And what did you say that time?

Chris:  I said she just doesn’t feel good. She’s a smart girl, but she didn’t know what was going on there.

Tammy:  Did she ever touch Shanann, trying to wake her up or anything?

Chris:  No.