Bella Destroyed Her Frenulum – 2


Tammy:  Can you tell us about, you know, when the district attorney got up and talked about Bella’s injuries and stuff.

Chris:  I didn’t want to hear about that.

Tammy:  Can you tell us about that?

Chris:  As far as like her biting her tongue?

Tammy:  And breaking her frenulum, which is that connective skin from your lip to your gum? It was gone. Her gums had like, it looked like a hole in them and the pathologist said it was from her, obviously, struggling to get away.

Chris:  I didn’t know what that meant.

Grahm:  Could it be that that’s what happened?

Chris:  So, like… I didn’t put my hand like over her, like that. Is that what you’re talking about?

Tammy:  Well, it would have been just downward pressure on her, this area.

Chris:  I didn’t see any of that when I picked her back up. Her lip was like missing or something?

Tammy:  No, see the skin that connects there, that was ripped, like it was gone, so it kind of made like a hole in her gum.

Chris:  I’m just thinking maybe it’s like, maybe like if her head was twisting back and forth, could that have done that? I had a blanket over her, so I don’t know.

Tammy:  Yeah. Did you feel her doing that thrashing, like trying to get away?

Chris:  I felt her head moving back and forth. I didn’t know that had happened.

Tammy:  Could you tell if she was trying to yell or say anything?

Chris:  The only thing I heard was, “Daddy, no.” And then like, I could hear a grunt here and there, kind of like, trying to breathe.