Arriving at the Site – 2

Grahm:  So then, once you get to the site, tell me what happens.

Chris:  We get to that one site and I get Shanann out, put her over to the part right off the site there. And the girls are still in the truck.

Tammy:  Did they ask you what you were doing? Taking mommy out?

Chris:  Yeah, I can’t remember what I told them, but they did ask that.

Grahm:  What’d they say specifically?

Chris:  It was more of like, you know, “What are you doing to mommy?”

Grahm:  Is that when you buried her?

Chris:  No, I don’t remember if I dug the hole there first, they didn’t watch me do that.

Grahm/Dave:  So, then you pull Shanann out and she’s maybe sitting there on top of the ground?

Chris:  Yeah, like off to the side.

Grahm:  Close to where she ended up?

Chris:  Oh yeah, yes.