About Nikki – 2

Dave:  How about your Facebook account? You deleted that at some point. When did you do that and why?

Chris:  I think it was – we got back August 7th. I think it was probably August 8th. That’s when Nikki told me she told her friends about me and I just figured, they’re probably looking on Facebook to see that Shanann’s pregnant. Nikki probably knew it already. That’s the reason why I did that.

Tammy:  Did you and Nikki ever fight?

Chris:  We never fought, but, like I said, I had to calm her down a bunch of times.

Tammy:  You started to mention that when we were talking to you before about her getting upset about some video or something about being bipolar. What are you talking about?

 Chris:  I think either my dad told me about that or John Walsh told me about like she made a couple of videos when she was just like talking to herself, saying that she was bipolar or something like that. But a lot of things, when she realized, that okay, she’s the other person in the relationship, that I’ll always put my wife first over her and that’s what kind of make her take a step back a few times and then I’d have to calm her down.

Tammy:  Tell me about those times. What did that look like?

Chris:  So, the first one was probably around July 4th when I had to leave her house. She wanted to kind of spend most of the day together before she went to a baseball game. And when I had to leave, it kind of just, made her take a step back and wonder what she was doing. I just told her, just because I had to leave doesn’t mean you have to just… I was comforting her at some point. I don’t even know why I was doing. Maybe I knew I was too far gone at that point.

Tammy:  Is this the Shanann’s pissed, she’s called you 10 times, you were sleeping because you had your day off and then you go outside to talk to her on the phone and tell Nikki that you need to go home just in case she calls back and all that, right?   

Chris:  Mm-hmm.

Tammy:  So, what did she say to you, Nikki?

Chris:  She was in the shower and she said, “Okay,” and when I talked about when I had to calm her down, “Who’s on the phone?”

Tammy:    Was she like, “We’re breaking up. I can’t do this?”

Chris:  No, she said like she didn’t want to – she didn’t think it was safe or it was good for us to see each other anymore that day, like the rest of that day just because of all that. And I’m like, “Okay, that’s fine.” And then she asked me to come over later on after she got back from her baseball game.

Tammy:  And so, you did that?

Chris:  Mm-hm.

Tammy: So, what was the second one like? 

Chris:  It was basically about the same thing. I didn’t really know it, at one point, but I guess she had set up a couple of dates with the Harmony app or something. And they never showed up. And she had already made plans with me and —

Tammy:  Wait, what do you mean? She set up dates when she had plans with you?

Chris:  Yeah.

Tammy:  Why would she do that?

Chris:  I guess she kind of figured out they weren’t going to show up. I guess when she went to the baseball game, they never showed up and there was another one that never showed up either.

Tammy:  So, she’s actively dating other people when you guys got together?

Chris:  I didn’t know it until a couple of weeks later.

Tammy:  And how did you find out?

Chris:  She told me.

Tammy:  What’d she say?

Chris:  It was one conversation where I actually kind of fell asleep on the couch and then she’d tell me – I’m not sure why she even told me about it – but it was really random and she could tell it kind of took me back a little bit because I figured she would have told me that if she was actively still looking around. I mean, she didn’t have to tell me, but I figured she would have.

Tammy:  Do you think she told you so that it would hurry you up and —

Chris:  Make a decision.

Tammy:  — in your making a decision?

Chris:  It might have been but she never had anybody that actually tried to fix things as far as like, like where we’re at as far as a relationship goes and I did stuff for her around the house, around her little apartment and nobody had ever done that. She thought it was different.

Dave:  What about her male friend? Where does he stand with her? What’s his name?

Chris:  Jim?

Dave:  Jim.

Chris:  He worked in the oil field, North Dakota, I believe. I guess he’s been a friend of hers for a long time and it’s kind of like a shoulder to cry on, he’s somebody that’s always been around for her and I guess he’s had a couple of girlfriends and I guess he hasn’t had much luck, I guess in that department as far as keeping girlfriends. Him and Nikki have always been good friends.

Dave:  Just platonic friends? As far as you know?

Chris:  That’s as much as I knew. But I think they’ve just been friends for a long time, especially up in the oil fields in North Dakota or wherever he’s working now, either Wyoming – they go all over the place.