The Last Time Chris Communicated with Nikki

The Daily Mail

Tammy:  Did you talk to Nikki afterwards, after all this happened?

Chris:  On the 13th, on the 14th.

Tammy:  What was that conversation like?

Chris:  The 13th was kind of like, you know, it was more text and then maybe a phone call, like a phone call. And then, she thought maybe Shanann took off with the kids because I was telling her I didn’t know where they were and all that. On the 14th, she kind of like, I think she kind of thought something may have happened because they hadn’t come back.

Tammy:  Why do you say she might have thought that?

Chris:  She kept asking me some weird questions. She kept asking questions that only I would know but she was testing to see if it was actually me on the phone.

Tammy:  What do you mean?

Chris:  She would ask like, what’s my dog’s name? Or what yoga studio do I go to? Or something like that. I’d just answer. “I’m not sure if this is you.” I was just like, “Okay.”

Tammy:  Is this through text or is this through calling?

Chris:  Text.

Grahm/Dave:  Is it possible she thought you’d been arrested, and we were on the phone?

Chris:  Either Shanann had my phone or somebody else had my phone. Like maybe she thought it was…

Tammy:  Well, hopefully Shanann would know all the answers to those questions?

Chris:  No, this is Nikki asking me.

Tammy:  If she’s asking you the name of your dog and what yoga studio…

Chris:  Maybe she thought, you know, I was with Shanann, she was just trying to find out who she was. Some of the conversations on the 14th got a little weird; I think that’s when she met with CBI or FBI, I’m not sure which.

Tammy:  So, she talked to you after she met with…?

Chris:  She had told me, this is the last time you’ll probably hear from me, I’m going to stay at my friend, [inaudible 02:06:49]’s, place while all this is going on. She said not to contact her until this is done. She told me to delete everything; I didn’t delete everything. I’m not sure why I didn’t delete everything, but it probably helped you guys out a little bit.

Grahm/Dave:  She told you to delete everything?

Chris:  Delete all conversations.

Grahm/Dave:  Did she tell you why?

Chris:  She just said delete it. Which I don’t think you can ever delete a text message.

Tammy:  We’re pretty good at getting deleted text messages.