On Pleading Guilty


Tammy:  What made you do that, Chris? What made you plead guilty?

Chris:  I didn’t want them to go through this for two or four years. I didn’t want my attorneys to lie for me for two or four years. I mean, they would have done anything I told them to do. I don’t see how they can do that, like, you know, that’s what attorneys to. They take their defendant and they say what happened, “Okay, we’ll go with that story.” I told them everything I just told you guys and it was just like and they got together and they’re like, “If they ever offered a plea-deal, would you ever want to just plead guilty to it?” I’m like, “Yeah, if we can end this, end it.” In September, I told them that. It was way too early the prosecution was still doing their – grabbing evidence and all kinds of stuff and that wasn’t even really on the table. I think it was around Halloween, I think that’s when the prosecutors went to Frank and Sandy at Frankie’s house and just talked them, like if we could end this, would you be open to that? And that’s when the whole death penalty and all that conversation happened. I guess they were surprised that it would just be over.

Tammy:  We were all in shock, I’m not going to lie. It was like we were going 100 miles an hour and then we just hit a brick wall. That’s what it felt like to all of us.

Chris:  I mean, I told John and Kate and Sophia and everybody, “Hey, if we can just stop this. I know everybody’s telling me to fight this.” Everybody was saying there’s not enough evidence to this and that and I’m just like, “No. This needs to end.” Because for Frank and everybody to have to fly back to Colorado every single time and get reminded of this, it’s never going to go away, but to have to come and talk about and have other people talk about it, have all three of you on the witness stand and say what they saw, what they heard on tapes and everything like that, I don’t want people to live with that over and over and over again for years. If I could just end this for everybody and then like if there was any closure at all, they could start then instead of in 2022. Because I know it would only get worse for everybody.

Tammy:  Did it have anything to do with you not having the death penalty?

Chris:  Honestly, when I was sitting in that cell, I felt like I should die. I mean, I was listening to everybody telling me like, “Hey, if you do this and this, you can hang yourself in that cell. You could do this and that.”

Tammy:  They were telling you stuff you could do.

Chris:  Yeah. You could drown yourself in the toilet. They’d been there a bunch of times. At one point, I was listening to them. I just felt like maybe there’s a different purpose for me somewhere. Maybe it’s here. I don’t know. I prayed to God every day that he would move me away from Colorado, he could move me away from the DOC there because they were saying there was a hit on me. They said if I was going to a DOC in Colorado, like I’d last a week and I’d be dead. [Inaudible 01:46:52] like the gangs and all that kind of stuff. I just felt like God moved me here for a reason and hopefully I can help people that way, but like I didn’t want my family, I didn’t want Shanann’s family and all of our friends having to go through that because after a while I knew this stuff was anywhere and I knew all her Thrive friends, everybody, it would have just broke that whole in their hearts just a little bit bigger every time. I didn’t want that. Because I knew it would have gotten worse. I didn’t want it to get any worse than it already was.