How the Relationship with Nikki Started


Grahm/Dave:  Do you mind if we talk a little bit more about Nicole?

Chris:  That’s fine.

Grahm/Dave:  Walk me through it because that was one of the things we never really got to ask you about.

Tammy:  Right, we didn’t talk much about that.

Grahm/Dave:  We just kind of skipped on and talked about where the girls were. So, what happened there?

Chris:  It was probably around June 1st or something, that’s when I first met her. And it was just like a work conversation. She messed with the gas meters, you know, when we were out in the field. And then I was messing up and then I took it her, like, “I don’t know what’s going on with this. How do I fix it?” After that, you know, we just ran into each other a few times in the office and I think it was probably the fourth time meeting, she had asked because when we were talking back and forth, I would say, you know, like, “We moved here from North Carolina,” and stuff like that. And she was like, “What’s all this we stuff?” I took out my phone and showed her a picture of my girls on the phone. She was like, “Oh, okay.” I didn’t wear a ring to work because I’ve got to send it off to get it refitted when I lost all the weight.

Grahm/Dave:  You lost so much weight, that your fingers lost weight?

Chris:  I was out in the snow one time, I went like that, my ring went off on the rocks. So, I was panicking trying to find it. So, after that, she left me alone for a couple of days. And she texted me outside the field and then after that, we just kept texting back and forth it was just, you know, just like, she used to work in an oil rig out in North Dakota, I think, and we were just kind of trading stories back and forth about what we did and everything. And then one day, it just kind of went to a different level. And then – I never thought it would go to that level. But she was talking about meeting up after we got back from San Diego.

Grahm/Dave:  You and Shanann?

Chris:  Yeah, we were in San Diego from the 22nd to the 26th of June. And we met up after we got back.

Tammy:  How did you guys meet up?

Chris:  At a park in Thornton somewhere. And after that, we just kept seeing each other, pretty much the whole month of July.

Grahm/Dave:  So, let me ask you this. You tell me if I’m wrong. You strike me as somewhat of a shy person. When you guys were meeting, was it kind of very initiatory like flirting at first? Okay. From both sides?

Chris:  Yeah. It was just kind of like, feeling each other out.

Grahm/Dave:  And so, texts and calls?

Chris:  More near the end of June.

Grahm/Dave:  And what makes you remember that it’s June that it happened?

Chris:  Because we called each other right before I left to go to San Diego.

Grahm/Dave:  Okay. At first, did you think something might happen?

Chris:  I just thought it was flirting. I didn’t think it was actually like something that would actually happen.

Grahm/Dave:  Well, it’s totally naturally, right? I mean, everyone kind of flirts at work, right? Because the relationship between men and women is different, so if you’re working with a girl at work, it’s just kind of natural to flirt. I get it.

Chris:  I wish I was out in the field more, so out of the office.

Grahm/Dave:  I kind of see it in your eyes. That’s kind of where the path started, isn’t it?

Chris:  Yeah, I mean, if I was – because when I went from a rover to a field coordinator, I would spend more time in the office trying to get everything situated, where we’re going to go and everything like that. If I was rover, I’d be more out in the field, instead of like coming to the office for more than an hour, getting even more time to run into her pretty much.

Grahm/Dave:  What did she know about you? Did she know you were married at first?

Chris:  She did once I showed her the pictures on my phone. You know the home screen picture and everything?

Tammy:  Was your wife in that picture or was it just your girls?

Chris:  It was just my girls right there, but my wife was like the lock screen. So, she knew I was married and had kids.

Tammy:  Are you aware that she said she didn’t know you were married. What did you think about that?

Chris:  I figured she was trying to save face, trying to – something my sister said, it was like, she was trying to keep things together. She phrased it a different way, but just kind of like, ground control, just trying to control everything that’s going on around her because I’m sure she got bombarded by all kind of different sides from the media and everything.

Tammy:  Have you talked to her at all? No.

Chris:  No. I’m hoping she hasn’t like, written me in a different alias or something, I’m not talking to her that way.

Grahm/Dave:  And are you not allowed to talk to her?

Chris:  I would hope not.

Grahm/Dave:  No one told you that though?

Chris:  No, I mean, I would expect, I thought Colorado had sent like a EOC list, if you’re like on a victim list, you can’t call anybody. But here, I’m not sure if that’s the same. I just talk to my sister, my parents, some friends of my parents.

Tammy:  Do you wish you could talk to her?

Chris:  Maybe once just to —

Tammy:  Just to get some closure?

Chris:  Just to say, “Hey, you know,” just once. Just to say, “Hey, I’m sorry this all happened. I’m sorry. I’m not sure what happened afterwards, like what you went through. If you have counseling, if you’re in a different state, if you had to leave everything behind. I just wanted to let you know I’m sorry. It’s not something I ever saw in my life happening.”

Grahm/Dave:  Would you be all right if we told her that?

Chris:  That’s fine.

Grahm/Dave:  Do want us to, do you want us not to?

Chris:  And if she would want to even talk to you guys. I’m not sure. I’m sure she’d answer your phone call more than an attorney phone call that she didn’t want to answer.

Tammy:  So, your attorney tried to call her, and she wouldn’t answer?

Chris:  Yeah. Because I remember her phone number but after that, they figured out, I guess, where she lived. They left a business card there. Pretty much after like the fifth attempt, they said she said, “Stop coming around.”

Tammy:  Yeah, I’m sure she’s getting bombarded like everyone else.

Chris:  And hopefully it’s calmed down since. I’m sure – I just hope she can – and that there’s normalcy for her since she’s on the outside, but I’m hoping it can get that way at some time. I’m not sure if she had to leave Colorado or not, but I’m sure like it had to have been hard if she did. Anadarko was her dream job, so that’s one thing I always asked my attorneys is like, “Did she have to leave? Did she have to do anything at work?” That was one thing because she always told me that was her dream job.

Grahm/Dave:  Oh really?

Chris:  Yeah.

Grahm/Dave:  What does she mean?

Chris:  Like an oil company at Anadarko is like, I mean, unless you’re working at BP or [inaudible 00:22:42] or something. And Anadarko is like —

Grahm/Dave:  Big leagues?

Chris:  Yeah.

Grahm/Dave:  Can I ask you a tough question? Did you love her?

Chris:  I felt like it was true.

Grahm/Dave:  I think so too. I think it was the same from her. Tell us about the time you spent with her.