Discussion about the Energy Patch 




Tammy:  Did you feel like a different person wearing those patches?

Chris:  Especially like the Duo, the Burn, I mean, like the Apple watches, like if you lookon it, when it tells your exercise, I was exercising like all day because my heart rate was up, just from those patches.

Grahm/Dave:  They’re just full of caffeine or what?

Chris:  They had something in them. I mean, I had the black label ones, the longer black ones, those had caffeine in them, but it never had that effect. I mean, the Duo Burn ones, the ones that are more like the fat loss type, it was, I could, I felt like I was working out all day even though I wasn’t.

Grahm/Dave:  Were you tired?

Chris:  I mean, I know at some points, I mean, even Nikki said that like, I’d fall asleep on the couch, on her couch while I was talking to her and then pick back up like I never knew I fell asleep, which I don’t know if was like from an insomnia thing or what. I wasn’t sleeping much.

Tammy:  You had a lot going on then.

Chris:  Yeah. Those are the only patches, I really felt like a big difference on just because it felt like I was working out all day.

Tammy:  You don’t feel like they changed your personality or anything like that, though? Or do you?

Chris:  I don’t really know. I know I just felt different on those than any other patch. It was, I felt like I could just go longer and longer each day and I’m not sure like if that was – that was probably a bad thing because I don’t think I was probably sleeping more than three hours a night.