Chris’s Visit to North Carolina

USA Today

Grahm/Dave:  When your dad came in, one of the first things you guys talked about, you said, kind of quietly, “I cheated on her. I cheated on Shanann.” Your dad didn’t know until that time?

Chris:  When I was in North Carolina, on August 6th when I spent most of the day with my parents and my sister and everybody, you know, I told him something like, I don’t think this is going to work with what happened with the nuts and everything and they’re not being able to see the kids. This is the first time they had talked to me, pretty much.

Grahm/Dave:  Because you went three weeks or something, right?

Chris:  Yeah, because Shanann had told me to call them while I was at the beach just to smooth everything out because she was like, “All right, whatever’s going on in your head, you need to fix this,” but she didn’t want the kids to see them, she didn’t want to see them. And then when I did see them August 6th, it was after I went and saw my grandmother – she’s in a nursing home – and she still wouldn’t go see my parents or anybody with the kids. So, I just told her to leave me there and my dad could pick me up and spent the whole day there. They said they wanted to see the kids, they just don’t know if they could ever forgive Shanann for everything that happened that day. I mean, I’m not sure everything that was said that day when they had that argument, but apparently, it was a knock-down, drag-out bomb that went off.

Grahm/Dave:  Pretty hurtful things?

Chris:  Yeah, I’m guessing so. I just don’t know if they ever forgive her or not and I never told them about cheating on her. They even asked me if there was somebody else.

Grahm/Dave:  Did they really? So, they could kind of sense maybe something’s going on.

Chris:  Because Nikki was texting me the entire time I was over there. They could kind of see I was texting somebody. Maybe they knew. Even when I was in San Diego talking to my friend, Mark, I told him about Nikki, but I didn’t tell him I was going to meet up with her. I told him that I was trying to – I should have just told him right then, maybe that would have helped me. I know he had an instance where there was some girl coming after him and she was engaged, and he ended up getting with her and then they were together and then she cheated on him.

Grahm/Dave:  Is this before he was married or during?

Chris:  It was after. Like, he could have helped me, but I never told him the whole thing that it was a lot further along than I wanted it to be.

Grahm/Dave:  That’s interesting to think about, right? That your dad could have given you some good advice.

Chris:  Yeah, everybody. No, this is my friend, Mark while I was in San Diego.

Dave:  So, you think if you told Mark about that, then maybe he’d question you about it?

Chris:  You know, Mark’s my best friend, I grew up with him since I was like eight/nine years old and he had been married before and it didn’t work out – I guess they were stationed together or something over in Korea. I should have just came out with the whole story. I just told him there was this girl at work that I’ve been talking to you, but I was distancing myself from her, but that wasn’t the case. I was just letting it exponentially get worse. If I had told him, like, “Hey, you know,” he would have been like, “Whoa, man,” like, “All right. Take a step back and look and don’t fall into that trap thinking you’re going to be alone for five weeks.” There’s times I wish like, maybe Shanann didn’t have to go away for five weeks, maybe we all just went for one week and nothing would have ever happened. Five weeks alone, that’s the only reason really that was almost even allowed to happen.