Chris’s Reaction to Pregnancy Announcement



Tammy:  I watched that video of you finding out that Shanann was pregnant. You don’t seem excited, you seem like kind of in shock.

Chris:  Scared.

Tammy:  Like, “Oh fuck!” Like it’s already complicated and now this.

Chris:  When we had talked about it like a couple of weeks before – it happened fast. Like with Bella, it was like, we almost gave up trying. And then she bought me like a super-charger for my car. And then with CeCe, it was like, we had to try, try, try and then finally, but with Nico, it was, you know, once or twice, and then like two weeks later, she’s pregnant.

Grahm/Dave:  Is that what happened?

Chris:  Yes. It was more like surprise hearing it, and like, “Wait, what?” We just talked about this. And people have brought up the fact like, “Oh, she was probably pregnant before, like you guys talked about it.” I’m just like, “No.” It was insanely fast. That’s the only reason I ever gave that notion even a moment of thought because it was like faster than any other time that she had gotten pregnant.

Tammy:  You just didn’t seem happy.

Chris:  I don’t remember the video much. I know she was wearing like a, “Oops, we did again” shirt, I think. And I was walking in with my cooler or something and I don’t remember like my actual reaction watching the video, but like I could see like, it didn’t seem like he was jumping for joy type thing.

Tammy:  Yeah, it didn’t seem like that.

Chris:  Did you watch the one when I found out about CeCe?

Tammy:  Uh-uh. Is it totally different?

Chris:  Yeah, it was – because Bella was in the crib and it had an eviction notice on the [crosstalk 01:21:50].

Tammy:  I think you told me about it, yeah. I never saw it though.

Chris:  Yeah, I picked up Bella and spun her around and whatnot. This time it was just me and Shanann and she was in the kitchen. And I was like, I forget what date it was, maybe like June 3rd or 5th or – I’m not sure what day the video was. Maybe I already felt guilty about talking to Nikki at work. Maybe that was going through my head.

Grahm/Dave:  Is that the potential timing? Does that make sense? Okay.

Chris:  I don’t remember what date the video was, but I knew I kind of met Nikki on June 1st and she told me like afterwards.

Grahm/Dave:  When you say met her, you mean like went on a date with her?

Chris:  No, I never went on a date with her until Shanann was in North Carolina.

Tammy:  Just like flirting stuff?

Chris:  Yeah, it was natural flirting back and forth and that was just like, I knew that, with that video timing, I probably looked like I felt guilty for even talking to a girl at work.

Grahm/Dave:  You probably did, right?

Chris:  Yeah.