Bella Enters the Room


Chris:  Bella came in the room.

Grahm/Dave:  Is that what happened? Bella came in? What did she say?

Chris:  “What’s wrong with Mommy?”

Grahm/Dave:  Did she hear something?

Chris:  Obviously, I think.

Grahm/Dave:  Did that happen with Bella right in that room?

Chris:  Not [inaudible 01:07:27].

Grahm/Dave:  What happened?

Chris:  She just, she walked in as, you know, she thought she was sleeping.

Grahm/Dave:  Did you take her back to her room?

Chris:  I put Shanann in that sheet and [inaudible 01:07:47].

Grahm/Dave:  And then what?

Chris:  I carried her downstairs and backed my truck up.

Grahm/Dave:  At that point, were the girls still there? Okay. So, Shanann’s in the truck. And you went back into the house?

Chris:  I carried everybody in the truck.

Grahm/Dave:  Was Bella first or was CeCe first?

Chris:  In the truck?

Grahm/Dave:  I’m sorry. So, Shanann was first. And then Bella was next? Was Bella alive when you guys got in the truck? Oh, okay. What happened?

Chris:  I went back up. I don’t want to talk about this part. Those are my kids – [inaudible 01:08:49] have to talk to them every night. I don’t see how this could have happened. Every time I see pictures of them, I don’t know how this could have happened. Being a dad was the best part of my life; I took it all away.

Tammy:  I think that’s the hardest part for us, Chris, is we see those videos. We see that love that you had for your girls. It’s obvious to us and even to us, it’s hard for us to understand how a dad’s who’s given piggyback rides and making snacks and watching princess movies. How do you get to that point?

Chris:  Like I said, it was just like something else was controlling me that day and I had no control over what I was – like to fight back. Like when that prosecutor said that Bella bit her tongue, like repeatedly, I just, I just wanted to bang my head up against the wall.

Tammy:  So, you put Shanann in the truck and then you put the two girls in the truck? Were they just sitting in their car seats? Or, I guess they didn’t probably have car seats in your truck, did they?

Chris:  No. They were sitting in the back, in that bench seat.

Tammy:  So, Shanann was back there too?

Chris:  Just on the floor.

Tammy:  What did they say about Shanann being on the floor?

Chris:  “Is Mommy okay?”

Tammy:  What did you tell them?

Chris:  “She’ll be fine.”

Tammy:  Did you have their stuff with them? Like their toys and their blankets and stuff?

Chris:  They had something with them that they carried. One of them had like a – CeCe and Bella had like a blanket or something with them, like a pink blanket or —   

Tammy:  What about the dog, I think one of them had a dog, right? That talked?

Chris:  Yeah, one of them had like a little barking dog.

Grahm/Dave:  CeCe.

Tammy:  Was that with you too?

Chris:  I think it was. I was trying to – it’s hard to remember like if they had like big blanket, a small blanket.