Little Girl in Purple

I am sitting here, sobbing through my lunch over a little elementary school girl I didn’t know. She was one of the 13 Turpin kids who grew up in an environment full of squalor, forced to pee and defecate in her clothes, used the foil from a Hershey’s bar to make a pony tail holder only to be bullied about it in school and forced to throw it away by the teacher. They say she wore the same little purple outfit every single day, literally smelled like poop, and was friendless. Nobody dared to be seen talking to or playing with her. And yet, she was kind and whimsical.

Nobody knew she was bussed back to a home where there would be no dinner – she had her one meal at school – there would be no bubble bath, no bedtime story, no tucking in. Instead, there were shackles and hunger and suffering. As she rode on the bus, already feeling hungry, she may have wondered if this was going to be a night when her parents dangled food in front of her, just beyond her reach, then pulled it away at the last second and laughed as she reached for it. Of course, they’d eat whatever it was in front of her. At least the next day was a school day when she could eat lunch and maybe even have a cookie in class.

Diane and Louise Turpin were sentenced today in California for 25 years to life in prison. At least two of the older kids were able to speak at the sentencing hearing. The daughter, who I hope to God is the little girl in purple, was trembling in court as she said, “Now I’m taking my life back. I’m a fighter. I’m strong and I’m shooting through life like a rocket. I’m in college now and living independently. I love hanging out with my friends and life is great. I believe everything happens for a reason. Life may have been bad, but it made me strong. I fought to become the person I am.” No thanks to these lost people you can’t really call parents on the left.

May the Turpin kids thrive and live joyous lives despite Diane and Louise Turpin who never deserved them in the first place. Like the judge said, children are gifts to parents and to society, and now they will be justly punished for torturing these innocent souls.


Source: story

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