No Bail For Lynn Keel

After fleeing North Carolina and being apprehended in Arizona, less than an hour from the Mexico border, Lynn Keel who allegedly murder his wife Diana, appeared at Nash County Court today.  The judge said Keel was not eligible for bail, but he is eligible for first-degree murder charges, life imprisonment or the death penalty. Keel will be defended by a court-appointed attorney.

A couple of things — I hope they investigate Keel’s first wife’s death (now, they’re saying she fell down the back stairs) and I hope Keel mans up and pleads guilty to save Diana’s loved ones the emotional turmoil of going through a trial. This appears to be case of a coercively-controlling, abusive man who’s wife became empowered enough to seek a divorce. 

If you can relate to Diana’s story and feel stuck, you can visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline, where you can anonymously chat with somebody. Or you can call 800-799-7233 (SAFE) 24/7 and your information will be completely confidential.