Fleeing Husband Caught and Investigated for Deaths of Both Wives


Diana Alejandra Keel and Rexford Lynn Keel

A Girlfriend Knows

Taryn Edwards said she always got a tense vibe whenever she was arround her best friend Diana’s husband, Lynn Keel. That’s because Taryn was helping Diana, who she affectionately called Allie, become independent by teaching her how to drive and helping her enroll in community college. Diana had confided to her that she was very unhappy in her marriage and when Lynn learned Taryn was helping Diana leave the relationship, he ordered Diana to cut ties. So, when Diana’s body was discovered, Taryn felt overwhelming guilt that she couldn’t find a way to reestablish communication with Diana and says she’ll never forgive herself for that. There was no question in Taryn’s mind that Lynn was emotionally and verbally abusive to Diana and never let her spend any time alone with anybody for a long period of time. That’s why she was not completely surprised that this had happened. 

Watch Taryn talk about her friendship with Diana.

Gaping Holes and a Mother’s Intuition

“Mom, I love you very much.”

Esperada Prada received that text from her daughter, Diana, on March 7th, which is the last text Diana would ever send. I’m sure Esperada’s bullshit meter blew its gasket (do meters have gaskets?) at the thought of Diana taking off with friends and not reaching out to her 10-year-old son or her 18-year-old daughter. Remember — Chris Watts said the same thing about Shanann, that she left the house to hang out with friends. Diana’s car, like Shanann’s, was still at the house. Diana was an ER nurse and, obviously, had not been to work, nor had she been in touch with her supervisors. And even more troubling, Diana had told her mother that this was going to be the month of change because she was going to leave Lynn and file for divorce. 

Diane’s Body is Found; Lynn Flees

On March 13th, state transportation workers discover the decomposing remains of 38-year-old Diana in a heavily-wooded area 30 miles from her home and Lynn is brought in for questioning. Preliminary indications show that Diana was likely stabbed to death. Lynn flees March 14th and on March 18th, Nash County Communications received a tip that Lynn was spotted driving on Interstate 10. He was captured just 34 miles north of the Arizona-Mexico border. Thirty-four miles! Lynn was alone (that’s what happens when you’re a murderous controlling bastard) and had loads of cash and a pocket knife.


I really hope that’s a straight-jacket he’s wearing!

A hearing is set for Thursday, March 19th, where a judge is going to decide if it appears Keel admitted the crime that’s on the warrant — first-degree murder — and then the transfer process will start. 

The Death of Elizabeth Bess Edwards Keel


Elizabeth Keel

New Year’s Day 2006, Elizabeth Keel, 42 and first wife of Lynn, tripped on the concrete steps in front of their house, hit her head, and died as a result of those injuries. Notice the three steps on the front porch. Three steps. Friends and family were skeptical because Elizabeth was known to be an outdoorsy type, rode horses, and was physically coordinated. 


The fine estate of Lynn Keel. 

In 2006, the medical examiner ruled Elizabeth’s death accidental but Sheriff, Keith Stone, says Elizabeth’s death will be reexamined and her family is pleased about that.

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