Long-Lost Purse Reveals Life as a Teenager in 1954

“In 1954, Marty Ingham Everett’s black purse containing her checkbook, lipstick, school dance photos and letters from three boys — including a junior prom invite — somehow ended up behind a cabinet in the science room at her school, Jeffersonville High, in Indiana. She was 16 when she lost it.”

(Lyle Emory)

I love this story because this purse and its contents were frozen in time while life did its thing over the next 65 years. Here are two of the three letters.

Notice how these letters contain full sentences, are extremely polite and respectful? No big drama, no gossiping, and no foul language. When Carter says his intention is to date everybody he could, he definitely did not mean sleep with everybody.

It would be so nice to live for one day in 1954, but without the racism and oppression of women. The grass is always greener, right?

Read more about what was in Marty’s purse and see who she ended up going to prom with in the Washington Post article.